Wilbur's Waco Restoration

The Anna Project - It'll be done on Thursday!


Thank you to all who have helped with rib building and other aspects of the waco construction! 
Update 9/9/17: Rich's retirement from JetBlue as a Line Captain...theoretically has more time to work on the Waco!! 
Update 9/15/16: Spar construction is now underway - wing assembly coming up!!
Update 6/12/13: Rib construction is now complete!!
Rib building station in Colorado Springs, CO
 Daniel Rasfeld and I cutting plywood for making gussets.
 Mark Wilbur, rib building.
 My father-in-law Allan Thomas & I in Ludlow, IL

 Mike Sansone, building a rib
 Mitch, a Wilbur family friend, building ribs in Anchorage, AK
 Jordan Thomas, my nephew, building a rib
Building ribs in Louisa, VA at Dennis Harbin's workshop
 Lindsay Taber, building a rib
 Andrew Smith & Devin Taber, building ribs
Jeanne, building a rib
 Fuselage in Ludlow, IL
 Frank Mesce, building a rib
 Steve Thomas, my brother-in-law, cutting gussets
 Mitch & I at the Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum in Anchorage
 Mike Capalety, building a rib
 Allyson Dunlap, building a rib

 Steaming wood for rib production
 Roger Roy, building a rib
Building more ribs 
 Harold Haver assisting in shaping the wing spars